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May 1-15, 2007

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May 1-15, 2007

May 1-15, 2007

Court Limits Attorney General’s Claims To Recover Grasso’s Compensation
Divided Appellate Court rejects “common law” basis but allows AG to pursue more difficult statutory claims

‘Related’ Nonprofit Denied Higher Nursing Home Payments
Court rules that owner of for-profit homes retained indirect control over new nonprofit

Charitable Trustees Removed For Multiple Breaches of Duty
Professionals used one trust to pay costs of others, created an unauthorized endowment at University

Nonprofit Law YOU Need to Know
May founder and board be compensated?
What happens to proceeds of sale?
Must conflict provision be in bylaws?
Can (c)(3) accept earmarked federal funds?
Must scholarship fund be totally separate?
Will Church E-store cost exemption?
Should Board members be local?

Issues Notes

  • Nonprofit Issues Live coming to a city near you?
  • Thursday with the Editor, July 12

To the Point

Our executive director and board president are the same person.  This president/director has recently made announcements, on behalf of the organization yet without the board's knowledge, that he is leaving his position as director.  What authority can the board call upon to rein him in and fix this mess?

Lessons from Litigation

  • Does Jersey immunity limit damages for Pennsylvania assault?
  • Apartment owner not liable for shooting on parking lot

Tax Matters

  • Churches of “suppressed” parishes subject to property tax
  • Taxable nonprofit can’t deduct costs of medical marijuana

Employment Law

  • Club not bound by house rules in employment
  • Worker physically unable to do job is not “qualified” for ADA protection

Say That Again

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