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May 1- 16, 2004

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May 1- 16, 2004

May 1- 16, 2004

Grantmaker May Rescind Committment When Grantee Fails to meet Conditons
Disgruntled beneficiary has no standing to seek removal of trustee or stoppage of alternate project

Bequest "Adeemed by Satisfaction" When Donor Gave During Lifetime
Court allows testimony to contradict language of will when donor established endowment before his death

Insurance Policy Does Not Cover Claims Arising from Disputed Election
Nonprofit organization liability insurance policy protects only against claims for monetary damages

Nonprofit Urging County to Reconsider Contract Is Protected by First Amendment of Constitution
Group that loses contract for "no-kill" animal shelter also loses $2 million claim for tortious interference

Issues Notes

Thursday with the Editor, May 27, 1:00 ET

To the Point

Can the directors of our nonprofit corporation vote by proxy?

Lessons from Litigation 

  • Pastor guilty of passing stolen checks in commerce
  • Former chief executives have no standing to contest action
  • Release and waiver does not prevent wrongful death action
  • Scout has no right to force promotion to Eagle Scout

Tax Matters

  • Ten years later, IRS agrees with court

Employment Law

  • Court dismisses discrimination complaint
  • of sales rep told to "drink and flirt" with prospects

Risk and Reward

Classify with Care

Say That Again?

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