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May 16-31, 2005

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May 16-31, 2005

May 16-31, 2005

Court Tells Charity: Keep Name On Building or Return Contribution
Daughters of Confederacy may enforce agreement to name university building “Confederate Memorial Hall”

Independent Sector Seeks Comment On Additional Governance Rules
Work Groups suggest disclosure, not limits, on compensation, new requirements on Board composition, supporting orgs

Bank Trustee Can’t Raise Fees To Administer Private Foundation
Court says trustee must live with accepted compensation unless no other fiduciary would serve at the rate

Behind the Numbers
Nonprofit Performance Measurement:  The Use and Misuse of Ratio Analysis

By Eric Fraint, President
Your Part-Time Controller, LLC

Issues Notes

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Thursday with the Editor, May 26

To the Point

Can you tell me what percentage of income a 501(c)(3) organization must spend each year to retain its charitable status?

Lessons from Litigation

  • Incontestability clause of life insurance contract does not stop insurer from challenging fraud in assignment
  • How’s this for gratitude?

Tax Matters

  • Senators propose bill to curb abuse of charitable life insurance
  • Conservative groups oppose Senate Finance Committee reforms

Employment Law

  • Unincorporated chapter of national organization is not subject to local state corporation law

Say That Again?

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