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May 16-31, 2006

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May 16-31, 2006

May 16-31, 2006

UMIFA to Become UPMIFA In Latest Draft of Revisions
Committee will recommend alternative options to bridge disagreements on uniform rules 

Here’s Why You Don’t Sign Indemnification Clause Without Thinking
Four years, three legal proceedings, and much more than $145,000 spent for nothing

Incorporation Does Not Give Exclusive Right to Use of Name
Determination of who may use name is governed by ordinary trademark analysis

Ready Reference Page
Bylaws Function as “Constitution” Of Nonprofit Corporations

Regulation of corporate governance demands as much care and thought as the Constitution of a country

Issues Notes

  • Kramer to speak on philanthropy
  • Kramer to discuss nonprofit lobbying rights
  • Thursday with the Editor, June 15

To the Point

What is the difference between public charities, private foundations, and donor advised funds?

Lessons from Litigation

  • Association sued for intentional interference with expectancy
  • Election by ballot OK even without quorum

Tax Matters

  • IRS sends hospital questionnaire
  • Medical clinic gains exemption in Michigan

Employment Law

  • Employer can’t reduce wage after termination
  • FLSA Waiver for Dept. of Labor does not help employee

Say That Again

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