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November 1-15, 2005

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November 1-15, 2005

November 1-15, 2005

President’s Tax Panel Urges Incentives for Charitable Giving
All taxpayers could deduct contributions over 1%, there would be no tax on IRA, sale of property rollovers

Court Orders Fraternal Order of Eagles To Consider Women for Membership
Nonselective membership practices make group a public accommodation that can’t discriminate

Community Foundation May End Right of Group to Name Trustee
Court says provision of trust sets procedure that supercedes provisions of statute

Nonprofit Law YOU Want to Know
We regularly feature answers to questions from readers in our “To the Point” column. Here are some of the questions recently received from readers.

Issues Notes

  • Form 990 is a public relations document
  • Kramer speaks on Sarbanes for schools
  • Thursday with the Editor, December 1, 2005

Lessons from Litigation

  • Community Foundation can’t force transfer of fund
  • Executrix ordered to restore $297,000 to estate
  • Court appoints receiver in church dispute

Tax Matters

  • Tax Court sets value of van at auction price
  • Commitment to renovation is not enough for exemption

Employment Law

  • County may impose minimum wage requirements

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