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November 16-30, 2004

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November 16-30, 2004

November 16-30, 2004

IRS Approves Deduction for Gifts to Charity Where Donor Obtains Right to Manage Investments
Many planned giving officers see another tool to attract major donors who think they can beat the charity’s performance

Director is “Limited Purpose Public Figure” For Analysis of Defamation Case
Director may not recover for damages without showing “actual malice” on the part of members who criticized him

Professor Need Not Register as Engineer To Provide Opinion for Testimony on Road
Court says registration is intended to protect on public services, not to prevent voicing opinions in a public forum

Ready Reference Page

New Form 1023 Adds Many Questions Focusing on Currently Hot Issues
IRS says answers will reduce need for follow-up and speed decisions on applications for exemption

Issues Notes

Thursday with the Editor, November 18, 1:00 ET
"This Year in Nonprofit Law" - Thursday, December 2, 2004 

To the Point

How can I stop my Church from withdrawing money from the “principal” of our endowment?

Lessons from Litigation

  • Mayor can’t collect wedding fees for charity
  • Members owe Synagogue dues even after resignation
  • Nonprofit may morph from governmental entity to private

Tax Matters

  • Charity may not promote political action committee
  • Headmaster’s house not exempt from real estate tax

Employment Law

  • Musicians may be paid over 12 months, need not be paid balance at end of season
  • Physician may not be discharged for refusing to violate ethical duty

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