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November 16-30, 2006

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November 16-30, 2006

November 16-30, 2006

Official Convicted of Misconduct For Contract With Nonprofit 
School Superintendent served on Board of group with which he signed contracts for $500,000 

Employees’ Ultimatum to Board Is Not Protected Activity
Court upholds Executive Director’s dismissal of staff who walked out after demanding her termination

Unincorporated Association Not “Person” With Standing to Enforce Constitutional Rights
Circuit Court says Section 1983 does not protect nonprofit association seeking parade permit from city

Ready Reference Page - No. 97
New UPMIFA Sets Rules For Management of Charitable Funds

Act expands prudent investment standards, changes authority to spend portions of endowment

Issues Notes

  • Questions about complying with the new reforms?
  • Discuss the issues and Ask the Editor, January 11

To the Point

Is a nonprofit organization that is not recognized as a tax-exempt charity under Section 501(c)(3) out of line when it sells ads as a sponsorship for an event and gives the business people the belief their ad is tax deductible because the event is held by a nonprofit organization?

Lessons from Litigation

  • No RICO claim for alleged cover-up of abuse
  • Volunteer loses to charitable immunity doctrine
  • Arbitrators must recalculate damages on CRT administration
  • No U.S. solicitation on foreign organizations’ websites

Tax Matters

  • Housing for lower-income residents not exempt

Employment Law

  • Workers’ comp exclusive remedy within health system

Say That Again

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