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October 1-15 , 2004

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October 1-15 , 2004

October 1-15 , 2004

Deceased Donor’s Promise to Give Barred by “Dead Man’s Statute”
Court excludes both donor’s statements and confirming corporate minutes approved by her

Long-Term Care Directors Sued For Breach of Duty on Compensation
Bankruptcy creditors may purse claims for conscious and intentional disregard of duties

Hospitals Deny Standing in Defending Against Uninsured Patient Litigation
As more new cases are filed, plaintiffs seek consolidation of multi-district litigation

Risk and Reward

Consistent, Effective Workplace Discipline: 
The Manager's Challenge
By Melanie Herman, E.D.
Nonprofit Risk Mangement Center

Issues Notes

Thursday with the Editor, October 28, 1:00 ET
Kramer to participate at this year’s Risk Management Center Institute
Kramer to present “Legal Basics” In Penn Certificate program
Save the Date - Thursday, December 2, 2004 "This Year in Nonprofit Law"

To the Point

A Board on which I serve wants to have a raffle that will give away money 
and a car. Can you tell me what the dollar threshold is for reporting the 
winnings to the IRS. Must we ask for people to give their SS# in order to 
collect their prize?

Lessons from Litigation

  • Student loans may be discharged despite contributions
  • Association may sue attorney for improper incorporation

Tax Matters 

  • Industry certification program is unrelated business

Employment Law

  • Whistleblower protected under False Claims Act

Say That Again?

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