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October 1-15, 2005

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October 1-15, 2005

October 1-15, 2005

Uninsured Patients Win Class Action Status In Oregon Unfair Trade Practices Case
Court grants right to pursue claims against hospitals under state law prohibiting deceptive contracts

Donor’s “Request” for Use of Bequest Is Ruled a Direction to Recipient
Court says language is not “precatory” and beneficiary must transmit gift to ultimate user

Member May Sue Directors Despite Liability Protection Act
Florida Court says allegations support claims for fraud, betrayal of trust, and unjust enrichment

Behind the Numbers
The Problem with Nonprofit Accounting Rules

Issues Notes

  • What do you do when the bequest matures?
  • Thursday with the Editor, October 13

To the Point

A member of the executive board shares information of the executive board meetings with a general board member. Do we have grounds to remove this person from the position?

Lessons from Litigation

  • Members may sue directors of New York Stock Exchange
  • Can homeowners’ association return over-assessment?
  • Church may sue surveyor who claimed encroachment

Tax Matters

  • CRAT lessee can’t file real estate tax appeal
  • Food Bank trucks are motor private carriers

Employment Law

  • Whistleblower not protected by Nebraska law

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