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October 1-15, 2006

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October 1-15, 2006

October 1-15, 2006

Nonprofit Congress Sets Priorities for Activity in Sector
Delegates focus on advocacy, effectiveness and developing public support

Nonprofit Penalized for Director’s Conflict In Violation of State Ethics Rules
Airport lessee rented space from nonprofit museum controlled by local airport director and his wife

Volunteer in Service Program Is Acting “on Behalf of” Church
Insurer must cover damages caused by driver delivering statue of Virgin Mary to parishioner

Nonprofit Law YOU Want to Know
Here are some of the questions recently received from readers
Operating with revoked exemption
Removal of Directors
Suing the Board

Issues Notes
This Year in Nonprofit Law
Thursday with the Editor, November 9

To the Point
Can a person give money to a church and designate that it to be given to a person outside the church?

Lessons from Litigation
Court sustains gift pledge paid by estate
National enjoins local chapter’s use of trademarks
Exec’s purchase of TV with agency credit card not criminal
Volunteer may sue for fall on historical society’s ramp

Tax Matters
Provena Covenant denied state real estate tax exemption
Taxpayers lose $210,000 contribution because of incomplete Form 8283
Tax Court denies deductions for lack of substantiation

Employment Law
Court enjoins outsourcing before union arbitration
What education is “relevant” for developmental disability worker?

Say That Again

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