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October 16-31, 2004

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October 16-31, 2004

October 16-31, 2004

Members May Inspect Corporate Records Unless Corporation Shows Improper Purpose
Corporation must also produce records “purposely or negligently” kept among the files of a related entity with which it shares space

Court Permits, Dismisses RICO Claims Against Former CEO and Others for Frauds
Agency has no standing to bring RICO suit for losses stemming from CEO’s Medicare/Medicaid fraud

Mistake in Interpreting Children’s Intent Does Not Show Lack of Testamentary Capacity
Test is whether decedent knew extent of his property and was able to form a rational judgment on disposition

Behind the Numbers
Allocating Your Costs Correctly: Knowing the difference between Program, Fundraising, and Administrative Costs

By Eric Fraint
Your Part-Time Controller

Issues Notes
"This Year in Nonprofit Law” will focus on developments in Washington
Thursday with the Editor, October 28, 1:00 ET

To the Point

Can a charity give money to a charity created by a politician who currently holds office and is running for office?

Lessons from Litigation

  • New operator of hospital may be liable for prior malpractice
  • Owner’s insurance does not cover claim for injury to contractor’s employee

Tax Matters

  • Congress limits deductions for vehicles, and gifts of intellectual property

Employment Law

  • Court dismisses discrimination, harassment and retaliation claims

Say That Again?

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