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October 16-31, 2005

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October 16-31, 2005

October 16-31, 2005

Nonprofit Panel Considers Supplementary Report to Senate
Draft cautions against adopting most proposals but promotes single point charitable registration system

Life Tenant Cannot Compel Sale Of Property Over Charity’s Objection
Statute requires ownership interest or mutual benefit to create right to force partition and sale of property

Bankruptcy Can’t Be Used As Tactic To Avoid State Court Litigation Loss
Court dismisses second Chapter 11 filing not driven by serious attempt to reorganize

Hershey School Alumni Association Fights Over Election of Officers
Court reverses order for new election, construes bylaw provisions on eligible voters

Nonprofit Law YOU Want to Know
We regularly feature answers to questions from readers in our “To the Point” column. Here are some of the questions recently received from readers.

Issues Notes

  • This Year in Nonprofit Law - November 29, 2005
  • More on Barnes and Hershey
  • Thursday with the Editor, October 27

Lessons from Litigation

  • State may stop funds to religious child protection agency

Tax Matters

  • Tax Court fixes value of real estate gift

Employment Law

  • Employee may sue for retaliation for taking FLMA leave

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