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October 16-31, 2006

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October 16-31, 2006

October 16-31, 2006

State Combined Campaign Can’t Deny Admission to Religious Groups
Court enjoins rejection of charities that require directors or employees to profess their faith 

Group’s Transfer of Assets May be Fraudulent Conveyance
Directors avoid liability under Volunteer Immunity Act 

D&O Insurance Does Not Cover Claimed Beach of Duty in Bond Default
Exclusions for contracts, securities, and financial instruments preclude coverage

Ready Reference Page - No. 95
Charities Have New Opportunities, Responsibilities in Fundraising Under Pension Act

Fundraisers report surprising interest in IRA rollover, but won’t generally face new responsibilities until January

Issues Notes

  • This Year in Nonprofit Law - Materials Available
  • Thursday with the Editor, November 30

To the Point

We are a nonprofit recognized as an exempt community organization under Section 501(c)(4). We believe that we should be a 501(c)(3) charity. Is there an advantage to changing and if so what do we do to change?

Lessons from Litigation

  • Attorney disbarred for theft of nonprofit’s funds
  • Failure to vote does not negate bylaw provisions
  • Club member expelled for unbecoming conduct

Tax Matters

  • Trust and Power of Appointment are not single instrument

Employment Law

  • Catholic Hospital may discriminate against Wiccan, but should it?
  • Nurse, allergic to latex gloves, can’t sue employer for battery

Say That Again


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