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October 16-31, 2009

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October 16-31, 2009

October 16-31, 2009

Doc Lacks Standing to Sue  To Prevent Sale of Hospital
Attorney General alone has standing to represent public interest in transaction

Board May Amend Rules For Life Members of Club
Bylaws provide specific authority for directors to make change without approval

Insurer Breached Contract In Refusing to Defend Claims
Insured’s bad faith complaint is precluded by statute of limitations

Nonprofit Law YOU Want to Know
Conflict for E.D. to serve on Board?
Does sole-proprietorship qualify for (c)(3)?
When can we call ourselves tax-exempt?
May charity improve private property?
How do I confront lack of information from President?
What happens when club dissolves?

Issues Notes

This Year in Nonprofit Law Program Materials Available
Need a Binder for 2010?
Talk with the Editor, December 23

To the Point

I am a director on a three-member board and also one of the founders and incorporators of the nonprofit corporation. Of late, the other two board members discuss issues amongst themselves and do not involve me in matters of importance and decisions. Is this legally valid?

Lessons from Litigation

Failure to file timely claim voids insurance
Association may suspend member for noncompliance

Tax Matters

Church custodian’s residence not exempt

Employment Law

Imputed knowledge does not make prima facie case
Court won’t question business judgment on bias claim

Say That Again

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