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September 16-30, 2009

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September 16-30, 2009

September 16-30, 2009

Court Refuses to Decide Control Of Nonprofit Board Without Trial
Dispute among original directors raises factual issues that can’t be decided on summary judgment motion

Foundation May Sue Madoff Brother
Misrepresentation claims dismissed, but failure to disclose claims may proceed

Patient with “Putrid” Service Dog Loses ADA Case Against Hospital
Court issues injunction prohibiting woman from bringing animal when seeking care

Ready Reference Page No. 109
New Schedule A Reflects Change in Public Support Rules
Test is now based on five-year rolling average and reporting is on same basis as other accounting   

Issues Notes

This Year in Nonprofit Law - Thursday, December 3, 2009
Talk with the Editor, October 20

To the Point
Can board fire president?

Lessons from Litigation

Court vacates order terminating literary trust
Who gets charged for death taxes?

Tax Matters

Subsidized housing not exempt in Indiana
Property leased to church exempt

Employment Law

FLSA retaliation claim dismissed
“Retired” employee loses age bias suit

Say That Again

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