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Special Event Fundraising: Keeping on the right side of the law (Recorded)

Special Event Fundraising: Keeping on the right side of the law (Recorded)

This program was recorded on June 18, 2024

From picking a name and getting a venue, through sending the invitations, getting all the required permits, getting the right insurance, staffing the event, serving alcohol, acknowledging donations, and reporting to the IRS, there are a lot of technical rules to follow.  This webinar is for nonprofit board, staff and volunteers who have any responsibility for the event, outside event planners, and their professional advisers.  It can help your event be a spectacular success, instead of a continuing legal headache.

Charities running special event fundraisers have struggled for years to stay compliant with the law.  Many new issues have emerged from “virtual” events over the last few years.  Now is the time to put the new rules and the old rules together in planning your next fundraiser.

This webinar will take you through a step-by-step review of key legal issues, from initial planning to final reporting. It will allow you to put together a comprehensive check list for your specific event.

Here are some of the questions we will answer:

  • Who has to register under the charitable solicitation rules?
  • What kind of permits do we need?
  • How do we substantiate gifts and meet the "quid pro quo" rules?
  • What do we tell our sponsors?
  • May we run a 50/50 lottery?
  • May we serve alcohol?
  • May we raffle off a “basket of cheer”?
  • What do we tell donors about gifts for our charity auction?
  • What do we tell purchasers about items bought at our charity auction?
  • What kind of insurance do we need?
  • Should we get releases from our guests? 
  • How can we increase safety at the event?
  • Do we have to pay staff overtime for working the event?
  • How do we deal with volunteers staffing the event?
  • Can we use pictures of the event in our annual report?
  • How do we report the results on our Form 990?

You will also receive a copy of the Power Point and a 45-page package of materials, including at least 8 of our popular and practical Ready Reference Pages on issues directly related to your event.

The program provides 1.5 hours of continuing legal education credit for lawyers and continuing professional education credit for accountants in Pennsylvania.  We can also provide a certificate of attendance for lawyers from other states who can use participation in a Pennsylvania-accredited program to meet your own credit requirements.

Here is what some of the participants in our most recent Special Event webinars said about the program: 

  • “Informative and thorough”
  • Excellent!”
  • “Practical”
  • “Tons of information”
  • “Really good”
  • “Applicable to all levels from novice to expert”
  • “Answered all our questions”
  • "Great coverage!!"

In the last four webinars, more than 96% of the respondents to the evaluation said they got information that they would use for their upcoming events.

Nonprofit Issues® editor Don Kramer will lead the presentation.  Don is regularly listed among the Best Lawyers in America in the field of nonprofit/charities law.  Tish Mogan, Standards for Excellence Consultant for the Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations, will facilitate the program.

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