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Understanding Private Foundations, DAFs and Other Forms of Philanthropy

Understanding Private Foundations, DAFs and Other Forms of Philanthropy

Thursday, May 19, 2022 - 1:30pm to 3:00pm EDT

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If you are a donor, a grant-seeker, a philanthropic manager, or a professional adviser to any of them, you need to know the rules that distinguish various philanthropic structures.

This webinar will focus on private foundations and their special requirements, but will compare private foundations with donor advised funds, supporting organizations, and other forms of charitable activity. 

With private foundations, we will focus on the 1.39% excise tax on investment income, self-dealing (compared to excess benefits), the minimum distribution requirement, excess business holdings, jeopardy investments and socially responsible investments, and taxable expenditures, including the limitations on lobbying.  We will explain why many “conversion foundations” formed from the sale of charitable hospitals elected to become community foundations to avoid the limitations on lobbying.

We will discuss the relevant tax information returns and what one can learn from their disclosures.  We will talk about termination of a private foundation or a donor advised fund.

We will discuss the private foundation rules not only from the perspective of private foundation managers seeking to comply, but also from the perspective of grant seekers seeking to fit their projects within the limitations of a private foundation’s program.

We will discuss the rise in nonprofit journalism, the use of limited liability companies, the Chan-Zuckerberg initiative, use of (c)(4) social welfare organizations, and how the Paul Newman Foundation resolved its excess benefit holdings issue in a way that might help other private foundations.

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