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What Every Nonprofit Needs to Know about Copyright and Fair Use (Recorded)

What Every Nonprofit Needs to Know about Copyright and Fair Use (Recorded)

Recorded May 19, 2021
Nonprofit organizations create and use copyrighted materials every day.  But they don’t always concern themselves with the process of protecting their rights in the works they create or in obtaining permission to use works created by others where required.

Do they really own what they think they own?  Can they protect the materials they have created from the unauthorized use of those works by others?  And if so, how?  Can they use works created by others without permission?  Is their use of the works of others, or the use by others of the works of the nonprofit, a “fair use”?  Can the nonprofit, or the author of the work, recover damages for infringing use, or obtain an injunction to prevent the use altogether? 

This program will provide a basic review of copyright law in the United States, a system as old as our Constitution.  What can be protected by copyright?  How is it protected?  What precautions should a nonprofit take when creating protected materials?  Do the same standards apply on-line and off?  How does the doctrine of “fair use” apply in our everyday activities?  And is that doctrine changing?

Joe Stapleton is chair of the Corporate Law Group at Montgomery, McCracken in Philadelphia, and a co-chair of the firm’s Technology Law Group. He will spell out the copyright ground rules with some interesting and fun examples from the news and provide practical tips for protecting your work and reducing the risks of infringement claims by others.

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