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Can a community resurrect an organization?

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Can a community resurrect an organization?

The board of a nonprofit arts organization voted to disband and close up shop due to financial difficulties -- much to the dismay of many in the community. Can anything be done to resurrect the organization?

It is hard to push wet spaghetti. If the members of the Board are tired or disinterested, it is unlikely that it will be very effective to try to push them into continuing. They will have to be replaced by people with the enthusiasm and commitment to make it work again.
If the organization is a corporation with voting members, and the members are interested in continuing, they may be able to vote the old Board out of office and replace them with new, more enthusiastic directors who will revive the group. If there are no members, the outsiders who want it to continue might ask the old Board to give a new group control of the organization by electing them to the Board. (See Ready Reference Page: “Mergers and Acquisitions Can Take Many Forms.”) If that doesn’t work, the many who are dismayed could start their own organization to carry on the same type of work in an entirely new entity.
The key will be finding people who are not merely disconcerted that others are not doing what they would like to see done, but who are willing and able to do the hard work necessary to see that the program is resurrected.
Tuesday, November 15, 2011

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