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May we disqualify kid for parent behavior?

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May we disqualify kid for parent behavior?

May our youth-serving organization ban a young person from participating in the program based on the child's behavior? May it also be based on his father's constant inappropriate behavior at the program activities?

Yes and yes.  Many youth-serving organizations, particularly those running sports leagues, require participants, and often their parents, to sign codes of conduct that promote sportsmanship and respect and prohibit bad behavior of many types.  The codes usually provide that violations can be a basis for asking the person to leave the event and/or disqualifying the participant from further participation in the activities of the group.  If you don’t have such a code of conduct, you may want to adopt one to give yourself a sound, non-discriminatory basis for taking action.  You may not want to disqualify the kid because of his father’s bad behavior, but at the least you would have a clear basis for banning the father from events where the behavior could be most disruptive.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

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