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Must charity filing 990-N disclose finances to public?

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Must charity filing 990-N disclose finances to public?

Are 501(c)(3) organizations required to make public the operational costs of the organization if the gross receipts of the organization are under $50,000 and the organization files Form 990-N?  I would like to donate to a certain organization, but would first like to see how the organization uses the donations. The last three years the organization has used Form 990-N, which does not show detailed operating costs.

There is no requirement for a small charity that files a Form 990-N tax information return to disclose its finances to the public.  But there is nothing that says they can’t or that you can’t ask.  They aren’t required to give you the information, and you aren’t required to give them any money. 

They probably have some sort of financial statement or budget, even if it is rudimentary and not prepared by an accountant.  They might be willing to show you the numbers if you show an interest in the organization and are offering new resources. 

But watch out.  They might also invite you to join the board.

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

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