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Must nonprofit post officer’s address?

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Must nonprofit post officer’s address?

Is a nonprofit required to post all officers’ names and addresses on its website? I am worried about being exposed to a stalker who has bothered me in the past. 

I am not aware of any law that requires a nonprofit to post the names or addresses of its officers on its website. Nonprofits that file the Form 990 tax information return are required to list the names of their officers, directors and key employees and an address where they can be reached, but that address can be the address of the entity. Some organizations make a big mistake by just slapping the internal board list onto the Form 990 as an attachment, even though it includes home addresses, phone numbers, spouses’ and kids’ names, and other personal contact information. Since the Form 990 is a public document instantly available at and other places, that is a really bad idea.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Form 990 returns are now available on the IRS Tax-Exemt Organization Search feature in the Charities & Nonprofits section of the IRS website,

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