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Should we share Board Minutes with former Board Member?

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Should we share Board Minutes with former Board Member?

A Board Member who has resigned has asked to continue to receive Board minutes. This person may rejoin our Board again in the future. We are a Private Foundation. Our Board Minutes often have sensitive and confidential information. Should we provide the minutes to this person?

Ordinarily a private foundation's Board minutes are private matters for the Board and not subject to public view. I am not aware of any legal reason why you would not be permitted to share the minutes with whomever you wish, but you will want to consider carefully whether you want to share sensitive and confidential information. You may want to provide minutes with sensitive and confidential information removed, although that may alienate the person. You may just want to say the complete minutes are for the Board only, and provide summaries of certain information that might help keep the person interested. If the person returns to the Board, he/she will have the right to review the minutes at that time.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

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