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April 1-15, 2007

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April 1-15, 2007

April 1-15, 2007

Princeton Wins $15 Million Claim For Defense Costs from Insurer 
University has spent more in opposing Robertson suit for breach of fiduciary duty

Under Volunteer Protection Act
College had sued to enjoin operation of separate account and disbursements

E.D. Convicted for Failing to Disclose Related Party Deals on Form 990
Accountant-husband is also guilty of conspiracy to file false tax returns

Nonprofit Law YOU Want to Know
We regularly feature answers to questions from readers in our “To the Point” column. The full list can be viewed here. Subscribers can read some of the questions recently received from readers.

  • What type of grantmaker should I form?
  • Can a donor aggregate gifts to earn matching grant?
  • What are chief concerns in bylaws?
  • How do I get volunteer job back?
  • Do nonprofits pay state sales tax?
  • Is Church in good standing with the IRS?

Issues Notes

  • Kramer schedules 2 talks
  • Thursday with the Editor, June 7

To the Point

Our 501(c)(3) school has a computer use policy that states that the email system is school property.  Is it proper for school employees or spouses to use the email system to send unsolicited emails regarding political campaign issues? 

Lessons from Litigation

  • Insider can’t buy claims to confirm bankruptcy
  • Association can’t sue event planner locally
  • Husband may recover wife’s charitable gifts

Tax Matters

  • IRS revokes school exemption for private benefit

Employment Law

  • Family service employees not covered by FLSA

Say That Again

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