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August 1-31, 2006

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August 1-31, 2006

August 1-31, 2006

Attorney for Nonprofit Corporation Not Disqualified in Suit by Founder
Original consultation is not related to issues raised in current litigation, Court says

Charitable Trust Protected Against Bankruptcy Claims
Income for Archdiocese is properly part of bankrupt’s estate

Ready Reference Page
Congress Passes Charitable Reforms, Approves Limited Giving Incentives

Big changes made for DAFs, SOs and general accountability; IRA rollover allowed for some direct gifts to charity

Issues Notes

  • Librarians Take Note
  • Thursday with the Editor, September 7

To the Point
Where Articles filed more than 35 years ago say the membership shall consist of the incorporators but the Bylaws are silent about member voting rights and no member meetings (or vote) have ever occurred, do the members that still survive have the right to vote on a fundamental corporate change after Board approval? 

Lessons from Litigation

  • Uninsured patients win one, lose three
  • May nonprofit split check with federal official?

Tax Matters

  • CRT Trustee must file refund claim within three years
  • Deductions denied for lack of substantiation

Employment Law

  • National’s jobs not counted for Tit. VII claim against local affiliate

Say That Again

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