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August 16-31, 2009

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August 16-31, 2009

August 16-31, 2009

Religious Organization Loses Claim for “Church” Status 
Federal Claims Court upholds IRS’s revocation of status for failure to fulfill “associational role”

For Kickbacks on Grants 
Foundation employee used matching gift program to get $70,000 from charities receiving contributions

Victim Can’t Intervene In Insurer’s Suit to Void Coverage
Court stays case against defendant who may cooperate after criminal case resolved

Art and Science: Creating the Perfect Recipe for Volunteer Success
By Melanie Lockwood Herman
Nonprofit Risk Management Center

Issues Notes

Distribute our To the Point questions to your members
Talk with the Editor, September 9

To the Point
Are members' dues tax deductible? 

Lessons from Litigation

  • Fraudulent inducement claim dismissed against telemarketer

Tax Matters

  • Court affirms $82,000 in penalties for late filing of Form 990
  • Assisted living facility exempt from real estate tax

Employment Law

  • Court need not deem reason for termination “serious”

Say That Again

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