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February 1-15, 2005

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February 1-15, 2005

February 1-15, 2005

Congress Looks to New Taxes on Charities and Limitation on Deductions to Help Cure Deficit
Biggest hit would be limitation on deductions for clothes, household goods, and other property given to charities

Charity May Collect on Pledge Unpaid Before Death of Donor
Language of Pledge Agreement provides legal “consideration” to make promise binding

Court Refuses to Review Suspension Of Social Club Member’s Rights
It would not determine whether conduct would “interfere with the pleasant, friendly and congenial social relationship between the members” 

May Directors Remove Director for Cause When Bylaws Are Silent on Their Power?
Answer depends on interpretation of the words “which” and “may” and absence of commas in Nonprofit Corporation Law

Risk & Reward
The Insurance Industry Scandal: What it Means to Your Nonprofit

By Melanie Herman
Nonprofit Risk Management

Issues Notes
Follow-up on To The Point Questions During Thursday with the Editor
Kramer to talk on Barnes case

To the Point

Can personal legal ramifications (for example, safeguarding a board member's personal assets from lawsuit) be curtailed by establishing an indemnification clause in a nonprofit's bylaws?

Lessons from Litigation
Courts continue to hold against uninsured hospital patient claims
Attorney-trustee not liable for bad CRT investments
Drug store can’t enjoin hospital pharmacy

Tax Matters 
See the Lead Story

Employment Law
Employee may sue for wrongful termination
if fired for defending minorities, refusing to inflate costs

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