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February 16-28, 2007

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February 16-28, 2007

February 16-28, 2007

IRS Finds Excess Benefits, Bad 990s in Compensation Study
Service seeks $21 million in excise taxes; 30% of organizations amend returns 

Nonprofit Must Indemnify Volunteers for Litigation
3rd Circuit affirms order to pay legal fees and settlement costs of committee members

Red Cross Has No Duty To Protect Arrested Volunteer
Court says it would be unreasonable to impose duty when volunteer was arrested for her own alleged misconduct

Ready Reference Page No. 68
Donor Advised Funds Still Compare Well with Private Foundations
Pension Protection Act imposed new limitations but absolute control in foundations has costs and other limits

Issues Notes

  • Nonprofit Issues subscribers get new passwords
  • Discuss the issues and Ask the Editor, March 29

To the Point

We recently hired a new employee who states that a 501(c)(3) corporation has limitations on the titles that can be given to employees or created by the company. Is this true? 

Lessons from Litigation

  • Trustee has no duty to potential charitable beneficiary
  • Nonprofit member has right to names, addresses of other members

Tax Matters

  • Senators introduce expanded IRA rollover bill

Employment Law

  • When is an independent contractor an employee?

Say That Again

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