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January 16-31, 2005

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January 16-31, 2005

January 16-31, 2005

Congress Accelerates Deductions For Tsunami Relief Contributions
Bill permits deduction in 2004 for contribution made in January 2005 to aid victims of tidal wave

State Can’t Force Foundation To Contribute for State Programs
Directors must protect corporate assets no matter who appoints them to office

Executive is Not Personally Liable For Negligent Misrepresentation on Contract
Court says no claim is possible when claimant has already obtained judgment against corporation

Barnes Student Appeals Ruling

Issues Notes

Kramer to join NELI Faculty
Seminar Books Available
Kramer to Speak on Board Duties at Pa. Bar Institute Programs
Thursday with the Editor, January 27

To the Point

We award grants to community based organizations for educational projects within in their communities. We would like to display photos of children engaged in these educational activities on our website. What are the legal things we need to consider?

More To the Point
Nonprofit Law You Want to Know
We regularly feature one question from a reader each issue. Here are some of the questions we recently received. 

Lessons from Litigation

  • Court says law criminalizing gifts to terrorist groups is constitutional
  • Court reviews expulsion from Church membership under theory of property rights
  • Estate attorneys’ fees must be reasonable, not based just on local custom and practice

Tax Matters

  • IRS to require large nonprofits to file returns electronically
  • Court denies exemption to Healthplex which competes with private clubs

Employment Law

  • Age difference of less than 5 years does not create inference of bias in hiring

Say That Again?

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