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March 16-31, 2004

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March 16-31, 2004

March 16-31, 2004

Jury Finds St. David's Hospital Has Enough Control to Retain Exemption
IRS suffers major defeat in its effort to show that partnership with for-profit was not charitable

FTC May Limit Telemarketing For Charities Under Patriot Act
Court says restrictions on professional solicitors are within Commission's authority and are constitutional

Directors Serve One Year When Bylaws Don't specify Term
State law provides limitation so that directors may not serve for life without authority

FEC Proposes Rules That Could Turn Nonprofits into Political Committees

Issues Notes

Kramer and Sikes to lead PBI program
Kramer to speak on Board Issues for LaSalle

To the Point

We include the rental income from our low income apartment house on line 6 of our Form 990 tax return under gross rents. Is that correct?

Lessons from Litigation

  • Supreme Court declines Boy Scout case
  • Are Arkansas charities immune?
  • Contraceptive drug requirement is constitutional
  • State may deny scholarships to theology majors
  • Teacher certification rule doesn't overly burden religion
  • Missouri nonprofit lost authority to act

Tax Matters

Tax Court sets medical deduction for CC Trust loses capital gain set-aside deduction

Employment Law

Ranting employee denied unemployment comp

Ready Reference Page
IRS Gives Guidance on Advertisements That Constitute Section 527 Political Activity
Certain nonprofits must either report or pay tax if they go beyond issue advocacy to electioneering

Say That Again?

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