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September 1-15, 2006

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September 1-15, 2006

September 1-15, 2006

Grantmaker to Camp Not Liable For Injury to Swimmer
United Jewish Appeal did not control operations of program it “sponsored” and funded

CEO Wins Suit to Remove Board For Breach of Fiduciary Duty
Directors failed to investigate or discipline Chairman found liable for 3,306 false claims totaling $5.9 million

Tenant Under $1 Oral Lease Is Not Co-insured Under Landlord’s Policy
Court refuses to adopt per se coverage rule, decides parties did not intend to provide coverage

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Congress Passes Charitable Reforms, Approves Limited Giving Incentives

Big changes made for DAFs, SOs and general accountability; IRA rollover allowed for some direct gifts to charity

Issues Notes

  • Kramer to teach in Executive Administration program
  • Kramer to participate in Professional Advisors Conference
  • Thursday with the Editor, October 5

To the Point

The Church which I Pastor left one of the major denominations last year and our 501(c)(3) was under their umbrella. Do we need to file again for that status with the IRS or are we covered?

Lessons from Litigation

  • “Charitable gift annuities” deemed “securities”
  • Change of trust situs requires court approval

Tax Matters

  • Abdelhak loses claim for contribution deduction

Employment Law

  • CEO wins disability claim after knee replacement
  • E.D. may pursue privacy, tortious interference claims against directors

Say That Again

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