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September 1-30, 2007

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September 1-30, 2007

September 1-30, 2007

Receipt of Substantial Contributions Does Not Constitute ‘Doing Business’
New York Court says it has no jurisdiction to hear case against Mass General Hospital

Nonprofit Resulting from Consolidation Does Not Acquire Rights of Constituent
Court says Member of public benefit corporation may not transfer membership rights to new entity

Club Not Liable for Damages When Member Shoots Member
Court says injury was not foreseeable after members said they would stay apart

Debtor Can’t Increase Contributions To Claim Relief in Bankruptcy
Past contributions protected at same level but “new” gifts are not permitted

Nonprofit Law YOU Need to Know
How can nonprofit pay tax-free bonuses?
How do we get a deduction for foreign gift?
What figures do we use on our first Form 990?
Can we see church salaries?
How do I reactivate my organization?
Can nonprofit be member of LLC or shareholder?

Issues Notes

  • This Year in Nonprofit Law - Program Materials Available
  • Thursday with the Editor, November 29

To the Point
Does the local chapter of a national organization have to obtain its own 501(c)(3) charitable status or can it "ride" on the national's 501(c)(3) status? 

Lessons from Litigation

  • Hospital Foundation may sue for damages following sale
  • Loss of hockey dasher-board covered by insurance
  • Florida Court strikes “special legislation”

Tax Matters

  • Rod and gun club denied charitable exemption
  • Nursing home may emerge from ‘twilight zone’
  • Vacation expense not deductible

Employment Law

  • Wal-Mart not liable for termination of gay employee
  • Jewish Center is “religious organization”

Say That Again

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