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September 16-30, 2006

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September 16-30, 2006

September 16-30, 2006

Congress, Hospitals Struggle With Community Benefit Reporting
Sen. Grassley promises new “white paper” on “realistic” expectations for services

Third Circuit Reverses Itself, Holds “Ministerial Exception” Bars Suit
Court joins other circuits in adopting rule that dismisses suit by female chaplain for gender bias

Court Can’t Hear Charity Dispute Without Notice to Attorney General
Nebraska Court says AG must have opportunity to participate in derivative suit between foundation directors

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Grassley Questions Status Of Nonprofit Hospitals

Senator complains about lack of reporting standards,country club dues, and ‘billions of dollars in tax breaks’

Issues Notes

  • Kramer to participate In Nonprofit Congress
  • Save the Date – November 16 - This Year in Nonprofit Law
  • Thursday with the Editor, October 5

To the Point

Our nonprofit youth football organization has always made our Board meetings open to the public. At our last meeting, things became quite disruptive when some in attendance became angry and interrupted the flow of our meeting and made it difficult to continue. The next meeting we had was not open to the public. It was only for Board members so that we could accomplish our tasks. Some members of the Board believe that this is an illegal action. Are they right?

Lessons from Litigation

  • Unusual fundraising scheme leads to suit
  • Nonprofit denied intervention when Attorney General present

Tax Matters

  • Deduction denied for video production
  • Priest’s charitable trust does not qualify for estate tax deduction
  • No deduction on Turbotax error

Employment Law

  • Did agency discriminate in creating new post
  • to accommodate sub for returning veteran?
  • Threat of boycott is not interference with job

Say That Again

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