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May sports league expel obstreperous parent?

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May sports league expel obstreperous parent?

I am a board member of our local youth sports league. One of our general members is never happy with our coaching selections and continually harasses the entire board. We would like to remove him so we can actually focus on the league. Can we legally remove him as a member (thus not allowing his child to register to play in our system)? Our bylaws are silent on this issue.

It probably depends on the type of organization you are on the board of.  If it is a nonprofit corporation, and assuming that he is a legal member of the organization, your state law for nonprofit corporations will probably have some provision on expulsion of members. If you are part of a national system, you may have some limitations on your possibilities. Check with a knowledgeable attorney about how you might be able to proceed in your specific situation.

After you know what you might be able to do, consider carefully whether you really want to do it.  Do you want to penalize kids because their parents are jerks?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Make him a coach and hold him to his own standard. --E.S. via e-mail

Great post! thanks for your post.

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