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What are options for treasurer of nonprofit club?

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What are options for treasurer of nonprofit club?

I was voted in as the treasurer of our local women's club in 2019. When I took over the books, I found many errors as well as some areas where money had gone missing, which I included in my monthly members meeting report. The president and vice-president removed my name from the authorized banking list without first getting approval from the members or the board. I called a meeting where the members voted unanimously to add my name back to the bank authorization and allow me to continue my duties as treasurer. The president said she made a mistake but she and the vice-president have refused to make the change. They keep my name on the tax forms, but I have not been allowed to perform my duties for two years. What are my options?  

I am amazed at your patience.  I don’t know whether the president and vice-president have been involved with improper financial activity, but this is classic behavior for people who don’t want others to see what they are doing.

If you really want to have responsibility for this organization and the president won’t reinstate you when you ask, you should probably call another special meeting of the members to decide whether they want you back as treasurer and possibly if they want to remove the president and vice-president. Certainly if you are voted back and the other officers don’t let you do your job, you should call a meeting to remove them. 

If all of that fails, I recommend that you formally resign as treasurer (keeping a copy of the letter and seeing that it is memorialized in meeting minutes) and help see that someone else has that privilege.  Whether you want to resign from the club altogether at that point will probably depend on whether you are getting anything out of it.  But it wouldn’t appear that your contributions have been appreciated.

Tuesday, August 3, 2021


Don: Great reply. Obviously something fishy is going on there and the President and VP need be be held accountable as to WHY they don't want this Treasurer to do their job. The poster was not clear on what "bank authorizations" are. Surely there should be someone reconciling the banks different than the person signing them. It could be that the Treasurer handle all finances alone. It sounds like a small social group (not incorporated) but we can't tell from what was submitted to you.

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