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Coronavirus Questions for Nonprofits

Coronavirus Questions for Nonprofits

On March 24, 2020 we started receiving coronavirus questions from our readers. The questions covered many topics: business continuity, bylaws, meetings, employment issues and many more.

For the foreseeable future we will be answering a question a day. Have a question for us? Submit yours here.

This is a compilation page for those questions. Click the links to read the question and see our answer. Have a comment you would like to share? Please add your thoughts/additional questions.

May nonprofit serving older adults require vaccines?

Can townspeople control museum items?

What do we have to do to keep organization alive?

Will we have to repay PPP loans?

Can nonprofit force employees to use paid time off for COVID?

Should we get releases from our volunteers and service recipients?

Will we lose exemption if riders fail to come back?

What would the rules be for our book scholarship?

May trade association aid members?

How do we change our association leaders?

How can we keep our term-limited president during the crisis?

Can we expand our fundraising methods?

Do we need officers for new nonprofit and do we need to pay them?

What should our nonprofit do about our investments?

Can we have a virtual meeting of board or members?

If we suspend operations, do we file a special form with IRS?

Can board change its designated use of funds?

Should we apply for CARES loan? May we include contractors’ pay?

Can we use PPP loan to pay funded positions?

Which nonprofits are eligible for CARES, Family First benefits?

Is our grant-based charity eligible for a CARES loan?

How should we deal with funds raised for cancelled class trip?

Will CARES loan create UBIT from rent?

May homeowners association contribute to hospital?

May charity give aid to non-charitable groups?

How can we encourage contributions now?

How do we get a quorum during the corona virus stay-at-home orders?

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